I have been getting a lot of questions about writing a book two for Absolutely Unforgivable. So to answer those wanting to know, yes there will be a book two and more.

First, around the end of August (aiming for August 30th) I will be releasing a short story called Billy Snow. This is basically a look into Billy’s life and his side of the story that we didn’t get to learn about in the original story. It’s not a full-sized book, more like a companion piece to the original.

There are at least two sides to every love story. In the romance novel Absolutely Unforgivable, we experienced Stacy Keller’s side of the story. Stacy thought she had found the perfect man in handsome, kind, and generous Jeromy, but when she moves to Texas with him and meets his friend Billy, an instant attraction threatens her perfect life with Jeromy. Love, she learned, can transform one’s ideas about perfection.

Now, in Billy Snow, a companion novelette, we get to experience romance and turmoil through Billy’s eyes. Come along for a roller coaster ride from the man’s point of view.

Book two which I’m currently working on will pick up where the first book ended and we get to see what happens to Billy and Stacy’s life, continuing on from where the first book ended.

We will also learn about Jeromy’s fate and the change in his life. You can expect Absolutely Unforgivable volume two to have lots of unexpected twists and turns. In fact, the story will start off with a major shocker. We will meet two major new characters in this part of the story.

The plan is that volume 3 will follow Jeromy’s life and a look at well, I don’t want to give too much away, I’ll just say that book three will take us on a journey with Jeromy. At least that’s the plan for now.

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