Airabella Grace is a romantic mystery.  It’s a story about a young girl from Oklahoma that, by a strange coincidence meets the man of her dreams while on vacation in Nevada with her family one summer.  Only it turns out there were other forces at play in a destined love affair that would work to keep them apart, not the least of which was the fact that he lived thousands of miles away in England and that he was a few years older than her.  Airadine didn’t care though, she was determined to make it work and somehow she would, but not before discovering that her true love had seen her before, long before he ever met her.  It turns out that she looked exactly like a long since passed member of his family.  It was his aunt who had died hundreds of years ago and her over-sized painted portraits now hung in his home as a reminder of his heritage.  The resemblance between Airadine and Airabella Grace fascinated him.  But could that fascination be what draws him to her, or what will end up keeping them apart?

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 Airabella Grace

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