When you meet that special someone, time divides into before and after. During the last year or so of ‘before’ for Billy Snow, he tries to forget the woman he hasn’t even met. Her photo on his best friend’s Facebook page had so entranced him that he became focused on her status updates, but when Billy finds out his friend is serious about her, he knows he can’t pursue her.

Poor Billy. To forget the woman he can’t have, Billy goes looking for love—or perhaps just sex—in all the wrong places. Enjoy this short tale of Facebook infatuation, nine condoms, a gold-digging intern named Monica, and a risky invitation. Then enjoy the ups and downs of ‘after’ in Absolutely Unforgivable.

Billy Snow is a companion piece to Absolutely Unforgivable, where we get to experience the romance and turmoil through Billy’s eyes. Tracy Tegan, in this new book, gives us a chance to understand Billy Snow at a deeper level and to fall in love with Billy and Stacy all over again.


Snow by Tracy Tegan


There were some aspects to the Billy and Stacy love story that got left out of the original book. It dealt a lot with how Billy first came to fall in love with her and some secrets surrounding that. That’s really what got me started on writing this next part of their story and release it as a novella or companion piece of the original book.


I had originally released SNOW (in August of 2013) as a way for fans of Absolutely Unforgivable to get to know Billy before he met Stacy and to see how he actually first fell in love with her long before they ever met. After its release, many fans wrote to me saying how they loved the story but wished it included more of a look into his life after Stacy and Jeromy came to live with him and that’s where the 2014 revisions come in, which was the addition of the last three chapters.

The original seven chapters from the first release of the book stayed the same. I hope you like the newest chapters and help you get a better insight into the story of Billy and Stacy before the final chapter of their story is released which will be called ‘New Beginnings’.

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