Fans of Absolutely Unforgivable will be happy to know that by subscribing my newsletter you’ll be getting a free bonus chapter called Happy Birthday Billy. I originally started writing this chapter when the book was finished but not yet published. While my editor was working on what I had already submitted to her, I had this idea about a big birthday party for Billy but I soon realized that by the time I finished the new chapter and got it edited, it wouldn’t get done in time before the book was due to be published.

So instead I set the story aside and thought I would just get back to it later and include it in the book “New Beginnings”. As I started working on the next book in the series I realized this birthday scene really was meant to be in the first book and that is when I decided to release it as a bonus chapter to those who subscribe to my official newsletter.

I have finally released the free bonus chapter and those who subscribe to my official newsletter get to read it. You can click on the image below to pull up the full sized cover – something I threw together to promote the free bonus chapter.

THIS BONUS CHAPTER IS VERY SPICY AND SHOULD BE READY BY ADULTS ONLY. It’s a story about something that takes place on Billy’s birthday … and well … let’s just say it’s a birthday he won’t ever forget.

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Happy Birthday Billy

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