Dear friends, I really am in need of your help. I’ve been given the opportunity to have my latest book published by Amazon. This means not only a nice cash advance for me but also some other very lucrative benefits long term.

The catch? I need your vote. Basically, they do it based on whatever book(s) gets the most votes in a 30 day period.

I know you are busy and I appreciate you taking less than two minutes of your day to help me. In the end, I appreciate this so much!!!!!!!

What you have to do is ,,,

  • #1 go to
  • #2 click NOMINATE

*** Update – voting is now closed

And that’s it! Anyone who has an amazon account can vote.

Mr. Hollywood by Tracy Tegan


Oh and by the way, if I win, Amazon will give you a free copy of my book! How great is that?

I really appreciate your help. In all (from what I hear) I will need about 100 votes so every single one of your votes really will make a huge difference.

This helps me more than you could ever know.

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