My Top 5 SEO Tips for Authors

Now that you have a fabulous new website, it’s time to talk about getting people to visit it.

One of the ways people find your website is through search engines and you can improve the chance people find you through the various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo through what it is called search engine optimization or SEO. In short, there are some things that people can do to optimize your site and improve your chances search engines will send your website visitors.

What makes search engine traffic so great is #1) it’s free. Who doesn’t love promoting their books to people for free? Why pay for ad space when you can just get it for free, right? #2) Search engine traffic is usually highly targeted and that means that it often times has a far better rate of success. What this means is, the person who comes to you from a search engine, usually is looking for what you are talking about – your books or you n general and targeted traffic statistically is more likely to buy your books than if you were to have gotten that person via a paid ad. This is why people love search engine traffic. If I happen upon a site about shoes that’s fine, I might look at them or if I click a Facebook ad for some pretty red shoes, I might or might not buy them. But if I go to Google and search for red shoes and visit a site I am by far more likely to buy them. So in the end, this is why it’s worth doing little fixes to your site, to make it more attractive to search engines. Long story short, this is all about getting you new fans to help you sell more of your books!

#1 Unique Titles

Every single page on your website should have a unique and descriptive title. If you have 14 pages on your website, then every one of those 14 pages needs their own unique title. No two pages on your site should have the same title, ever.

If you are using what they call an SEO plugin on a blog like WordPress that lets you define the titles of each post page, be descriptive and lengthy. For this post, my title should be something like Tracy Tegan – My Top 5 SEO Tips for Authors – Book Marketing — it’s my name, title of my post and the category of the post. The idea here is to make sure the title is unique, description and the appropriate length. A little bit longer is always better than just the title of your post.

#2 Tell Don’t Show

In writing, we are told – SHOW DON’T TELL, but when it comes to your website you need to do just the opposite and tell, don’t show. What I mean by this is that search engines aren’t able to look at any pretty picture you may post and know what it means because well … they are computers. They can, however, read any text you put. So if you have to choose between pretty pictures or lots of words on your page, always choose lots of words.

Computers may be getting smarter every single day but still the one thing they can’t do is guess what in the world some picture you’ve posted may say. Look at this picture below – sweet, huh?


The problem is, while your fans may love it, what about search engines? They have no clue what that picture says. Sometimes however you need (or want) to use a graphic like this. So what can you do? Use both! Show the picture and type up what it says below it. Now you’ve got the best of both worlds.


Go for someone who is not only proud to have you,
but will also take every risk just to keep you.

#3 Be wordy! No seriously, go crazy.

Don’t be afraid to be extra wordy when it comes to your post. Search engines love text and the more you can give them, the happier it makes them. While sometimes you just don’t have a lot to say about a subject and that’s understandable, but when you can, make your post as long as possible. Search engines give bonuses to websites whose posts are unique … that means you are writing your own words and not just copying something someone else has already said, and are long and insightful. So if you are writing about your new book and how you came up with the idea for it, don’t be afraid to go crazy and make the post 500, 600 or even 1,500 words. Doing so really may bring you in more new visitors to your site than you realize, especially over the long run.

#4 – Think before you speak

Let’s say I want to buy some new red high-heeled shoes. I go to Google and search what? I probably start my search off by typing in red high-heeled shoes. I don’t just type shoes or red shoes, I type in the full “long tail” search of red high-heeled shoes. Okay sure, some people will just type in red shoes, but the point I’m trying to make is, before you start typing up whatever it is you want to say to your fans or readers, I want you to think for just a moment about what it a person would Google to find that very article you are writing about.

Let’s say you have decided to do a free book giveaway and will be autographing a special copy of your next book. What would a person type into a search engine to find your post about that? Keep in mind they don’t even know you yet, they just happen to be googling something you happened to write about. I would say they probably would search free book giveaway or what about free mystery novel or top free mystery novels? Think about who you are trying to attract and what it is they may think of in their mind when looking for something on the internet. Now when you are typing up your post about how you are going to autograph a copy of your next spy mystery novel, be sure and use those specific words in your post.

Those words are called keywords. Here are some samples of keywords …

  • Shoes
  • Red Shoes
  • High Heel Red Shoes
  • High Heel Red Shoes with Open Toes
  • Free High Heel Red Shoes with Open Toes

The more specific you can get, the more you can tailor your post to a specific thing, the better. So in the case of the above example above, if I was giving away a pair of free shoes I would in the body of my post use the keyword phrase “Free High Heel Red Shoes with Open Toes”. I would also put that in my TAGS, and quite possibly even name my post “Free High Heel Red Shoes with Open Toes”.

So to be clear if I wanted to attract people to my site, I would write a post about how I was giving away a free pair of high heel red shoes with open toes. I would very clearly say those exact words in the body of my post. I would make sure my post was at least 300 words, make my title “Free High Heel Red Shoes with Open Toes”, and put in the tag “Free High Heel Red Shoes with Open Toes”. Now that’s about as targeted as it gets. Chances are, if I did all the other things I talked about in this post, I am going to attract the right people to my site – not right away, not this minute, but in time I’ll attract a steady stream of people looking for what I was offering and it cost me nothing but the time it took me to make that post. Who doesn’t love a free way to promote their book to people actually interested in getting their hands on it? 🙂

#5 Get links

And last but most assuredly not least, we have come to what is probably the most important part of your website marketing process and that is getting other websites to link to you. Search engines think that the more people who link to your website, the more important it is so the more people they will send you. So what you need to do is get every book review blog you can to review your book and in that review, link to your official website. I can’t emphasize enough how important this step is. It doesn’t matter what their review of your book is. Google doesn’t care about good or bad reviews of your book. What they do care about is that link that says the author’s official website is ( The more people who provide a link to your website, the more traffic you are going to get from search engines, it’s just that simple.

If you have 93 people who reviewed your books from 93 different book review blogs, make sure every single one of them – and yes I mean actually call or email them if you have to, make sure every single one of them provided a link to your website.

Search engines use a highly sophisticated ranking system and the more people that link to you, the more points (for lack of a better word) your website gets and the more points you have the higher rank your website is to them and the more traffic they will send you. So even if a book review blog called your book the biggest piece of poo they’ve ever had the displeasure of reading, you don’t care – okay, maybe you care, but what you really really want from them is that precious link back to your official website.


Create Your Own Author Website For Free

So you’ve written a great book, but now what do you do? Now you have to market it and that for most authors can be the hardest part of the job and it can definitely be the most time consuming.

I’ve spent almost two decades in online marketing so I thought that I would share some of what I’ve learned over the years with you, my fellow authors so that you can perhaps use this information to better promote your book. Today we are going to talk about your website. Every author needs a website and for some people, just the thought of that drives them bonkers. But it really doesn’t have to and it also doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. In fact, you can create a website with everything you need for free at

You don’t need a big fancy, $10,000 website to properly promote your book. Sure it would be nice, but so would saving all of that money and using it instead on something that will actually help you sell more books.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before because I’m going to walk you through it, every single step of the way.

Before we get started, I want you to know that for some people this can be overwhelming. Don’t let it stress you out. I am going to walk you through every single step and give you very specific examples (sometimes with pictures). So if you find yourself getting agitated or frustrated, take a step back – go take a break and come back to this later. You don’t have to do it all right now – or even all today. You can do all of this at your own pace.

Step 1: Go to

You now have two options – you can create a new account or sign in. If you don’t have a account click the get started button (it’s the big orange one) and sign up for your free account. If you already have a wordpress account then sign in.


Once you’ve signed in you have a big blue bar up top and it gives you a few options like Reader, Stats, My Blogs and Freshly Pressed. What you want to click is MY BLOGS.

Now you want to create another blog – click that blue button – it may say create a new blog or create another blog. Either way, click it.

Step 2: Name Your Blog

The first thing it wants you to do is create your blog address.

This is a very important step because the name of your website needs to be professional and easily identify you. A lot of people out there have websites already so chances are if you have a common name it’s probably taken but try variations like for example I would enter TracyTegan as my blog name (the free version so it would be You don’t need to spend any money right now on extras. You can later on, but for now let’s just stick with all the free stuff. Trust me, it is all you need right now. If your name isn’t available try variations like AuthorTracyTegan or Tracy-Tegan or some fun variation thereof.

Once you’ve picked a blog address, the next step is to name your blog. The default is “My Blog”. You want to change that and put in your name. So in my case I would change My Blog to say Tracy Tegan.

The next question is will ask you is about privacy. Leave it at I want my blog to be viewable by everyone.

Now select the free version and click CREATE BLOG.

Great job! Now you’ve taken the first major step, you’ve established your blog which we are going to turn less of a blog and more of a full site all about you and your book.

So let’s continue ….

Step 3: Setting up your settings

Once you’ve clicked the create blog button, wordpress will tell you congrats and take you to a page that says congrats, blah blah (see graphic below). Now what you want to do is click on the link that talks about changing your blog description or permissions. Don’t worry we’ll get to changing the theme (how your site looks) later on.


Once you click that link you are taken to your general settings page. Notice the left hand side of your screen – that is your main menu. I’ll refer to it a lot from now on. But for now let’s continue on with setting up your general settings.

I know it can get boring and tedious filling out all of this stuff but it is important you fill out every bit that you can. All of this stuff may not seem important but believe it or not, it can help you sell more books because if you do it right, people can find you via search engines. So let’s get down to it.

  • Site Title: This is your name. It’s important you use your full name. In my case I would put Tracy Tegan.
  • Tagline: The default setting is something silly like – This site is the bee’s knees. What you want to do is put a short description about you or what your site is about. I put The official site of author Tracy Tegan. You can however put anything you want. Just remember it should be short and sweet. This isn’t your bio, it’s just a tagline of what your site is about – like a newspaper headline.
  • Timezone, Date Format and Time format don’t really matter. Put in what you want there. I use my own timezone obviously, but as far as date and time format go, it’s really just personal preference. Use which formats you like best.
  • Week Starts On: To many people a week starts on Monday, to me it starts on a Sunday so I always change that setting to Sunday. Really it’s up to you. It only matters with the way the site displays your archives so whatever you pick is no big deal.
  • Language: select English.


Oops we forgot to set your blog picture  – your icon. Click that little upload image button and add a nice picture of yourself.

Once you’ve done that, click SAVE CHANGES yet again and we can move on.

Once you are sure you’ve clicked save settings, look at the left-hand side of your screen – to your menu bar. Down towards the bottom, there is SETTINGS and under that, there are the following options …

  • General
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Discussion
  • Media
  • Sharing
  • Polls
  • Ratings
  • AdControl
  • Email Post Changes
  • OpenID
  • Webhooks

You’ve already completed General and there is really nothing under Writing or Reading that you need to change but you can look through the options if you want.

The part we want to focus on now is DISCUSSION. The settings here are basically where you give instructions on the website about what you want it to do in terms of notifications.

  • Default Article Settings: I leave those as they are.
  • Other Comment Settings: Look where it says “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”. Make sure that box is checked. You don’t want just anyone posting comments on your website. This will help you, later on, fight stupid spammers.
  • Email me whenever: I un-check all of those because I personally hate email notifications. I check my blog daily so I don’t need these email updates. I get enough email so getting email notifications for me is just a hassle, but you can set those to whatever works best for you.
  • Before a Comment Appears: This one is important. There are two boxes there – make sure that “Comment must be manually approved” is checked. You don’t want some crazy person out there posting junk ads on your site. With that box checked, the only way a comment will appear is if you approve it.

Now scroll down to the very very bottom of that page and select SAVE CHANGES.

Again making sure you saved the changes you just made before you move on, it’s time to select SHARING from the main menu to the left. This is a big part of marketing and with this, you will integrate your social networking profiles with your website.

At the top of the SHARING page (under settings from the main menu) you first have the PUBLICIZE section. If you click CONNECT to Facebook then every time you post about a new book or some news story about your book, it will post a notification on your Facebook page automatically for you. This can be very helpful so you don’t have to log into all of your social networking accounts to tell people to visit your site to read your latest news or contest or book review. Connect to all the social networking accounts you work with – I personally only use Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, but some people also use the others. Connect to whatever accounts – as many or as few as you want to.

Next, there is a section specifically called Google+ Profile. It wants you to sign into your Google+ profile from this page. What this does it … if you log into your Google+ account on that page, every time you make a post on your website it will display a button encouraging others who read that page to follow you on Google+. Click that image below and you can see a real example of what that looks like on my own page.


Notice the other buttons above the Google+ following one … The ones that say twitter, Facebook Google? These are what they call your social networking sharing buttons. Under the Sharing Buttons section, you’ll see a ton of options. So you know exactly what I’m talking about click on the picture below.


See those buttons under where it says available services? Drag them down under ENABLED SERVICES.  See the little Pinterest box? Just put your mouse over it, click and drag.

Again click save changes when you are done to make sure everything you just did is saved. Now you are done with your settings.

Let’s do something fun like decide how you want your new website to actually look!

Step 4: Picking Your Website Theme

Everyone has a different style and the great thing about using a platform like WordPress to run your author website is that you can easily change the look and feel of your site on a whim and for almost no money and in many cases, for free. Today, as I said before we’ll only be going over the free option, but again you can upgrade to fancy premium themes later on if you so desire.

If you look at your main menu you’ll see that above SETTINGS is an option called APPEARANCE and an option under APPEARANCE called THEMES.

Once you select themes, you’ll find you have a few bazillion choices to pick from. Top right you’ll see three categories of themes, ALL, FREE and PREMIUM. Premium means you have to pay money, so let’s just select FREE.

Now scroll down and find a theme you like. Pick any one – it’s really up to you.  Some are very simple, some are kind of fancy but it doesn’t really matter which one you pick, that is totally up to you.

Once you find the one you like click it and then select the button that says ACTIVATE and WordPress will automatically update the graphics and make them live on your website.

Step 5: Setting Up Your basic pages

Now before you get all excited and start making all these crazy changes and adjustments, let’s continue on setting up your website first. As an author, you are going to need a few basic pages. First, you need an about you or biography page.

From the main menu (to the left) look for PAGES and click that. You’ll find PAGES on the main menu below where it says LINKS and above where it says COMMENTS.

You’ll notice there is already a page there called ABOUT. What you want to do is mouse over that and then click EDIT.

Type up a short bio, tell the world about yourself. Well, it doesn’t have to be short … go crazy and tell whatever you want about yourself there. When you are done click the UPDATE button to the right.

When you are done with that click pages again and then time ADD NEW.

Name this page CONTACT or CONTACT ME or CONTACT YOUR NAME – ie: Contact Tracy Tegan.

Under there click the button that says ADD CONTACT FORM. Once you’ve added the contact form, click PUBLISH (to the right).

Now your new website has two pages on it, an about us and contact us page. So far, so good!

Next, you want to click PAGES – ADD NEW PAGE again and call this page SOCIAL MEDIA or your name social media – ie: Tracy Tegan’s Social Media Pages. On this page, you want to list off all of your social networking links.

Here is what I say but you can say it any way you want … it is after all, YOUR WEBSITE!

You can follow Tracy Tegan on twitter @TracyTegan, via Google plus at and keep up with her latest work on Facebook and on YouTube by clicking here.

Don’t forget to click PUBLISH when you’ve added in everything you want to say about your social networking profile pages so that your work is saved and pushed live – this means that others can now see it when they come to your site.

Step 6: Posting About Your Books

Now that’s you’ve setup the basic pages about you, let’s talk about the whole reason we created this website in the first place and that is YOUR BOOKS!

On the main menu, I want you to look for POSTS – this option is above PAGES, towards the very top of your menu bar to the left.

Posts work a lot like pages in how you create them, but when you start posting about your books you want to use POSTS instead of pages. You do this because posts offer far more options for you and this is important for search engines and in setting up the navigation of your site. With a post, you put them into categories and throw in some tags.

So let’s create your first post. Click POSTS from the main menu to the left and then ADD NEW. First, what we want to do is title our post. Post titles should be like newspaper headlines – description but short and to the point. So what do you want to post about today? What is it specifically you want to share with your fans?

How about letting them know that you are writing a new book?

So the first thing you do is give your post a title. ie: My New Yet To Be Titled Mystery Book

Next, in the big white box, tell your fans and readers about what you are writing and some plot elements of your new book. How much or how little you tell them is totally up to you. You can write 100 words, 1000 or heck, even 10,000 – just write what you feel is appropriate.

When you are done look to the right-hand side of the page … notice where it says categories? There is a box there that is unchecked called Uncategorized. That is the default category and any post you make that you don’t assign a category to, will automatically be placed in that category. Please do yourself a favor and never make a post without giving it a category. Click ADD NEW CATEGORY and then add in a name. You could call it books or new books or writing … whatever you want really.

Next, you see under CATEGORY is a section called TAGS? Tags are like category but more marketing specific. So let’s say you wrote a post about a new mystery book you are writing. I would put in tags – Tracy Tegan, New Book, Mystery Novel, Book.

Any short words that would describe what is in the body of your post add them. Don’t be afraid to add in a ton of tags – tags are great for marketing. Just make sure the tags you add are appropriate and actually apply to what your post is about.

Now click PUBLISH and you have your first post. Congrats! This is a huge first step in creating your official website.

Now feel free to go write several more posts telling your fans about how they can buy your other books, where and maybe tell them about some character ideas you have. Talk about book reviews or just whatever you want to share with your fans.

Good luck and have fun!


Tracy Tegan Newsletter

Fans of Absolutely Unforgivable will be happy to know that by subscribing my newsletter you’ll be getting a free bonus chapter called Happy Birthday Billy. I originally started writing this chapter when the book was finished but not yet published. While my editor was working on what I had already submitted to her, I had this idea about a big birthday party for Billy but I soon realized that by the time I finished the new chapter and got it edited, it wouldn’t get done in time before the book was due to be published.

So instead I set the story aside and thought I would just get back to it later and include it in the book “New Beginnings”. As I started working on the next book in the series I realized this birthday scene really was meant to be in the first book and that is when I decided to release it as a bonus chapter to those who subscribe to my official newsletter.

I have finally released the free bonus chapter and those who subscribe to my official newsletter get to read it. You can click on the image below to pull up the full sized cover – something I threw together to promote the free bonus chapter.

THIS BONUS CHAPTER IS VERY SPICY AND SHOULD BE READY BY ADULTS ONLY. It’s a story about something that takes place on Billy’s birthday … and well … let’s just say it’s a birthday he won’t ever forget.

Those who subscribe to my newsletter get exclusive bonus scenes and giveaways that aren’t available anywhere else, as well as news about new books I am working on or will be releasing. I promise not to share your email with anyone else, and I won’t clutter your inbox. I’ll only be mailing when there’s something important like a book launch or sale.

Click here to subscribe to my newsletter so you’ll be the first to get your hands on Happy Birthday Billy for free when I release it.

Happy Birthday Billy

The Mega Book versus a Book Series

I think a mega or epic book like Under The Dome by Stephen King probably couldn’t have been broken down into smaller pieces and made into a series of books about Chester’s Mill but as I’ve read series of books throughout the years I’ve often wondered why in the world they weren’t just released as one big book. This is especially the case with a series like The Selection. Don’t get me wrong, I have greatly enjoyed reading the entire series including the recently released companion novella about Prince Maxon’s life prior to the Selection but I still can’t help but think that it would have been just as easy to release it as one single book instead of a series of books.

But maybe that’s just me. Maybe series like the Lucky Harbor series or the Danver’s books are better as individual, quicker reads instead of with one big book. What do you think? Let’s take a vote and see what readers really think.


Update: This poll is now closed. It turns out the vast majority of readers who participated in this poll would rather have 2 books at 300 pages each than 1 big book at 600 pages.


Snow by Tracy Tegan

The postman didn’t ring twice but he did bring me a gift today … my copies of Snow! I don’t know what it is, but there is just something great about holding your book in your hands. I just love it and it totally made my day! What a wonderful way to start off my week.


Snow by Tracy Tegan

Absolutely Unforgivable by Tracy Tegan

I’m so happy to announce that under the category of best selling Contemporary Romance novels at Amazon, Absolutely Unforgivable reached the rank of #317.

Absolutely Unforgivable - front cover

In the category of best-selling Romance novels, it reached the bestselling rank of #684. In the category of Literature and Fiction it reached as high as #1,541. In the category of best-selling Kindle books, it reached #1,522 — out of over 1 million books currently in the Kindle store at Amazon.


Billy Snow by Tracy Tegan

When you meet that special someone, time divides into before and after. During the last year or so of ‘before’ for Billy Snow, he tries to forget the woman he hasn’t even met. Her photo on his best friend’s Facebook page had so entranced him that he became focused on her status updates, but when Billy finds out his friend is serious about her, he knows he can’t pursue her.

Poor Billy. To forget the woman he can’t have, Billy goes looking for love—or perhaps just sex—in all the wrong places. Enjoy this short tale of Facebook infatuation, nine condoms, a gold-digging intern named Monica, and a risky invitation. Then enjoy the ups and downs of ‘after’ in Absolutely Unforgivable.

Billy Snow is a companion piece to Absolutely Unforgivable, where we get to experience the romance and turmoil through Billy’s eyes. Tracy Tegan, in this new book, gives us a chance to understand Billy Snow at a deeper level and to fall in love with Billy and Stacy all over again.


Snow by Tracy Tegan


There were some aspects to the Billy and Stacy love story that got left out of the original book. It dealt a lot with how Billy first came to fall in love with her and some secrets surrounding that. That’s really what got me started on writing this next part of their story and release it as a novella or companion piece of the original book.


I had originally released SNOW (in August of 2013) as a way for fans of Absolutely Unforgivable to get to know Billy before he met Stacy and to see how he actually first fell in love with her long before they ever met. After its release, many fans wrote to me saying how they loved the story but wished it included more of a look into his life after Stacy and Jeromy came to live with him and that’s where the 2014 revisions come in, which was the addition of the last three chapters.

The original seven chapters from the first release of the book stayed the same. I hope you like the newest chapters and help you get a better insight into the story of Billy and Stacy before the final chapter of their story is released which will be called ‘New Beginnings’.

I just wanted to take just a moment to say congrats to the 7 winners of the Goodreads giveaway. All books have officially been shipped to the winners and depending on where you live may arrive in the next week or for those of you who live outside of the United States, a tad longer.

I hope you find the story enjoyable and congrats again to the winners!

 books in the mail


Absolutely Unforgivable Book 2 and 3

I have been getting a lot of questions about writing a book two for Absolutely Unforgivable. So to answer those wanting to know, yes there will be a book two and more.

First, around the end of August (aiming for August 30th) I will be releasing a short story called Billy Snow. This is basically a look into Billy’s life and his side of the story that we didn’t get to learn about in the original story. It’s not a full-sized book, more like a companion piece to the original.

There are at least two sides to every love story. In the romance novel Absolutely Unforgivable, we experienced Stacy Keller’s side of the story. Stacy thought she had found the perfect man in handsome, kind, and generous Jeromy, but when she moves to Texas with him and meets his friend Billy, an instant attraction threatens her perfect life with Jeromy. Love, she learned, can transform one’s ideas about perfection.

Now, in Billy Snow, a companion novelette, we get to experience romance and turmoil through Billy’s eyes. Come along for a roller coaster ride from the man’s point of view.

Book two which I’m currently working on will pick up where the first book ended and we get to see what happens to Billy and Stacy’s life, continuing on from where the first book ended.

We will also learn about Jeromy’s fate and the change in his life. You can expect Absolutely Unforgivable volume two to have lots of unexpected twists and turns. In fact, the story will start off with a major shocker. We will meet two major new characters in this part of the story.

The plan is that volume 3 will follow Jeromy’s life and a look at well, I don’t want to give too much away, I’ll just say that book three will take us on a journey with Jeromy. At least that’s the plan for now.