Waiting For You Q&A

This author Q&A was from 2015 which means the information in it was accurate at this time. Obviously things change sometimes and different things come about but this information was accurate at the time it was posted. As I release each new book, I will continue to post a new author Q&A that will answer the latest questions. Don’t forget you can submit your question(s) as well. Just click my contact page and fill out the form.

For someone who has not had the chance to read it yet, can you tell them what the story is about?

Waiting For You is a story about a young girl who has fallen on hard times. She thought she had this great job and shows up to work one day to find out that the company has gone out of business. Although she was great at what she did, because of the state of the economy she really struggled to find a new job. She was getting really desperate when a unique opportunity came her way. On the surface it seems like the answer to her prayers but she worries about what her family will think. She struggles with her decision based a lot on the fact that she doesn’t want to disappoint them.

There is another character named Staci in this new book, any relation to the first?

No they aren’t in any way related. In my first book Absolutely Unforgivable the main character’s name is Stacy Keller. In this story there is a minor character named Staci Donahue. Different spelling of the name and very different people. I actually named the character in this book in honor of a childhood friend. So while they both happen to have the same first name – different spellings, they aren’t even remotely similar to each other.

And what about Bree?

Bree who played a minor role in Absolutely Unforgivable does happen to be in this book as well. While the books aren’t meant to be related in terms of a series they do share that similar character. While I didn’t start out to include any characters from my original book in this one, when I was writing the storyline for this friend character I realized I was talking about Bree, as in how she was in Absolutely Unforgivable so I decided to include her as a crossover character. This worked perfectly because I had already decided in the next book in the Absolutely Unforgivable series, Bree and Zander were going to part ways. She moved with him and the band to California but makes a return to Houston in the next book. In Waiting For You she gets more of a storyline than she did in Absolutely Unforgivable and perhaps this time finds love for real.

What inspired you to write Waiting for You?

My nieces are always posting silly stuff on Facebook and one day they posted a questionnaire about marriage and if they would do it for money. For some reason, one of those random questions got stuck in my mind and that night when I went to sleep I started thinking about it. What would happen if you had the opportunity to marry for money? Would you do it? What circumstances would you have to be in to consider it? What if the guy really was good looking, would that change your mind about marrying him for money? Then from there I just sort of let my mind wander to see where the story would go from there. I played it out in my head for days before committing anything to paper and as I started writing out the story I spoke to my eldest niece Kendra a lot about her opinions on various parts of the story. She was a great help in getting the initial chapter outlines done and before I knew it, I had 60,000 words of the story written. I probably wrote the entire thing in less than two weeks. Of course then there were the edits and rewrites and the re-edits and new re-writes. What would a book be after all without at least 237 revisions? 🙂

When you are writing about things like the house they buy together, where do you get your ideas from?

The internet is a vast and amazing resource and a lot of times I will visit sites like Pinterest to get ideas about outfits my characters are going to wear or look up the menu of a restaurant that I want my characters in the story to visit. As far as the house goes, I went house shopping. I knew I needed a certain kind of house, one that would be big and fancy enough yet still within the area of town that the story takes place. I browsed through the houses online, took several virtual real estate tours and then visited a few of them in person since I happened to live in the area until I finally decided on the perfect house for Kyle and Kimberly.