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All Braden wanted was a date for his family reunion. He didn't want a girlfriend. He didn't want a relationship. He just wanted a girl with no strings attached, and no drama -- not even sex. But then he met her and that's when everything changed. Can a relationship between an Instagram model and a man from a politically powerful family make it work? Or is their relationship doomed to fail under the harsh glare of the Washington family spotlight?

Mr. Washington

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Crescent Moon - Tracy Tegan - romance novel


At heart, Tracy Tegan is a storyteller and has been making up stories in her head or for her five wonderful nieces for as long as she can remember. With the encouragement from her family, she finally decided to give life to some of the voices in her head and put paper to pen. SEE MORE


The Bitch by Tracy Tegan
The Bitch
It's You by Tracy Tegan
It's You


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